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Canada issues Travel Documents in a select few cases. If a passport cannot be issued, IRCC will issue one of the following, dependent on the individual and their situation.

Refugee travel document

If the applicant has protected person status in Canada, they may be issued with this travel document so that they may travel overseas. However, it is important to note that this travel document CANNOT be used to travel to the applicant’s country of citizenship.

Certificate of identity

A Certificate of Identity is issued to Permanent Residents who are not Canadian citizens yet and cannot get a national passport or travel document from any source for a valid reason.

This travel document CANNOT be used to travel to the applicant’s country of citizenship.

Emergency travel documents

If a Canadian is stranded outside Canada, without their passport and cannot get a temporary passport, a Canadian government office abroad may issue the applicant with emergency travel documents that will allow them to travel back to Canada or the nearest full-service Canadian government office abroad.

The applicant must be in Canada to apply for the first two categories mentioned above. The issuing Canadian office determines the validity period of these two categories of travel documents.

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